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Design Your Own

The Design Your Own Advantage - Furniture that fits you!

There’s no need to choose comfort over style, or vice versa. Our customizable collection allows you to Design Your Own furniture–mix and match sectionals, sofas and chairs to ensure your home has the right furniture for your family and lifestyle. With many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll get exactly what you are looking for.

Brighton Collection

Make a statement

Brighton’s low profile is great for casual conversation in an open setting; long sofas and sectionals make a compelling statement without being obtrusive. Highly versatile, Brighton can be either plush or clean and crisp.

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Highland Park Collection

Tasteful. Elegant. Modern.

Highland Park looks back to the mid-century with simple lines and smaller scaled pieces. The collection can be both contemporary and traditional.

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Madison Collection

Our original line, both modern and classic

Madison is a traditional offering with full round arms and backs; the square track arm can lean toward transitional styling.

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Tight Back Collection

Always Sharp and Clean Looking

The Eden, Ellington, Erin and Essex offer a variety of tight backs with arm and seat cushion combinations to suit many styles.

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How we’re different

The choices are endless and our finely-tuned process is simple. We’ve been in the business of creating special order furniture for more than 100 years. Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you to find your perfect furniture solution.

Comfort matters

With three depth options all at one price, you’re sure to find the ideal sofa, sectional or chair solution for you. Plus, all of our collections have several leg options. Regardless of which leg you choose, the seating height is engineered to stay the same.

Qualux Brand poly foam is in all of our seats. This premium polyfoam helps provide a solid, supportive– we like to call it solid comfort.

Maybe you are looking for a sofa long enough to lay down on. Maybe you want your feet on the floor and arms at the right height. Or, chairs with long backs could work well for our customers who are taller and looking for extra support.

The back cushions of your sofa or sectional can be loose, which gives you the opportunity for a comfort adjustment with easy interchangeability. If you prefer a more consistent, neat look, choose attached cushions.

It’s all in the details

Don’t forget the finishing touches! Add jewelry such as nail head trim. Pillows not only add extra comfort, but give more style and character to your furniture–with extra pillows you can easily switch up the look whenever you please.

Comfort and style are essential, but the fabric is truly what makes your furniture unique to you. With over 700 top quality stocked fabrics, we are prepared to create your custom order quicker, so you can have your furniture in home sooner.

Our Process

1. Choose

Pick from our Madison, Highland Park or Brighton collections.

2. Configure

Are you looking for a sofa or sectional, a chair, or chaise? From the arms, to the back, to the furniture legs and seat depth, this is your chance to create your unique furniture. Find your comfortable seat depth. Then choose the arms, back and base that fit your style.

3. Customize

We have hundreds of fabrics in stock, so you can find the look that works for you. Add adventurous pops of color with accent pillows, and decorative stitching and nail head trim to dress up your furniture.


If I choose a short leg like the PFL 3” instead of a taller leg like the ML 5”, will my furniture sit lower to the floor?

No. We engineer the frame to maintain the same seat, arm and back heights regardless of the leg that is used.

I have a tight doorways and stairs. If need be, can I remove the legs and reassemble later?

The following legs can be removed from the front and back: BA, RB, DB, PFS, PFL, P5, RM5 . Reassembling will require a slight bit of glue. The following legs can be removed from the front only: ML, SP, LSP. (The back legs are integral to the frame)

Can I use a Brighton arm on a Madison piece?

No. The choices offered in any one collection do not cross over to other collections.

What is a bench cushion and does it sit like a park bench?

No, it is simply one long cushion and looks like a bench since it is undivided. It has the same construction and softness as the three or two cushion options. The advantage of a bench cushion is that the lack of separation between cushions makes it very comfortable when stretching out and lying down. On the flip side, the long expanse of fabric tends to generate “comfort wrinkles” as compared to the two and three cushion versions.

Why can’t I get a bench back to go with my bench cushion?

It can be done but a long fiber-filled loose back will not hold its shape properly. So we don’t recommend it.

Does the button back option for Brighton pieces affect the seating?

Yes. The buttoned backs are firmer. Some people prefer that extra firmness. Others like to fluff their loose pillow backs and they stick with the standard no button backs.

Ordering is easy! Your dealer will walk through our process with you to eliminate any hassle, and get you your furniture sooner.

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