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Show off your style with fabric

The furniture in your home should be as unique as you are. It needs to not only fit you and your family comfortably, but exude your lifestyle. Fabric is the best way to truly customize your furniture–which is why we have over 500 top quality stocked fabrics, and we continuously add and phase out fabrics to ensure we constantly provide fresh and current designs.

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Performance Fabrics

We strongly believe that your furniture is designed to be comfortable, stylish and well lived in. All Hallagan performance fabrics are carefully selected for their durability, quality and lasting appearance. Using the latest in industry technology, performance fabrics are easier to clean, resist fading and are family friendly. All proudly made in the U.S.A .

Why choose performance fabrics?

Superior Stain Resistance - Difficult stains can be partially and sometimes totally removed. However, 100% stain removal is not always possible.

Moisture Repellant Face - Face side of fabric has a finish that causes liquid to bead up initially, which allows for easy blotting. Revolution does not have this but nevertheless, stains can be removed.

Bleach Cleanable - You can use water and bleach solution to clean, which may increase stain removal capability. 100% bleach can harm fabric.

Resists Fading Due to Sunlight - Some fading may occur. However, due to the nature of the yarn, fabric will resist fading. Sunbrella fabrics resist fading for 1,500 hours. Revolution fabrics for 300 hours. Both exceed the residential fabric standard which requires that fabrics resist fading for 40 hours.

Abrasion Durability - Measures abrasion resistance in double rubs (DR). The Heavy Duty Residential rating applies to fabrics that exceed 15,000 DR.

Fabric Cleaning - Prior to any attempt to clean fabric, a small trial should be completed to ascertain that the chosen method will not damage the fabric overall.


Sunbrella Fabrics are woven with Sunbrella acrylic yarns. These yarns offer the best fade resistance when exposed to sunlight and do not absorb stains. For these reasons, outdoor furniture and accessories have used Sunbrella for 50 years.

Sunbrella yarn technology resists stain absorption. Most stains can be cleaned with soap and water. Difficult stains can be cleaned using dilute bleach which will not harm the fabric yarn.

There is a broad range of Sunbrella indoor fabrics. The Sunbrella Fusion collection is designed specifically for in home use and are correlated for easy selection. They are environmentally safe and American made.


Crypton Home was adapted from the Crypton Contract Technology that has been used widely in healthcare and hospitality markets that require superior stain resistance and stain removal.

Every fiber is encapsulated with patented technology through an immersion process. Because the Crypton chemistry is permanently integrated into the fibers it will not wear off or wash away.

All Hallagan Crypton Home fabrics are environmentally safe and American made.


Revolution started with an idea that a product can be durable, cleanable, and soft to the touch. These fabrics resist fading, so they are a great addition to your furniture investment.

Difficult stains can be cleaned using dilute bleach which will not harm the fabric yarn.

Revolution Fabrics are made in the United States, recyclable, and produced in an environmentally conscious manner.

Fabric Families

Our fabric line includes complementary plain and patterned styles that you can put together for a complete look.

As with all of our products, we focus on utilizing American-made fabrics as much as possible. All fabrics must pass the Hallagan quality standards before they are added to our collection. We look for higher quality fabrics, designed for
upholstery in the current styles and colors.


Can I put any fabric on any style-Brighton, Highland Park or Madison?

Yes, fabric is such a key choice in your design that we leave all your options open.

Does a higher-grade fabric mean the fabric is more durable?

Not necessarily. There are many factors that go into the grading (cost) of a particular fabric: type of yarn, thickness of yarns, construction (Jacquard method vs. printing), finishing, size of vertical and horizontal repeat, performance characteristics for easier cleaning.

Our in-house designers work tirelessly to find the perfect pairings. Your local dealer has access to our fabric collection and can you help choose your ideal combination.